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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Luxury Resorts in Uttarakhand

Teeming with luxury resorts, Uttarakhand is the place to live it up in style. If you have a penchant for luxe living, At Luxury Resorts in Uttarakhand, you can enjoy being pampered with silver service. Luxury Resorts in Uttarakhand pay attention to the every detail of a stay. From the origin of the marble to the thread-count of the bed linen.

Always a delight to stay in luxury resorts and one our absolute favorites in Uttarakhand. Great views, lovely pool and far enough away from the city hustle and bustle but close enough with the nature at Paatlidun Safari Lodge.

Our flight from the Delhi arrived early in the morning and we used the hotel transportation which was very easy. When we arrived at the resort they offered us an early check in and even upgraded our room! In the room we were greeted with hot tea, fresh fruit and outstanding views The breakfast buffet was incredible and throughout our stay the service was exceptional!

Shoes are polished at the touch of a button; our preferred newspaper is noted and delivered each morning, and our favourite breakfast spot is remembered for the duration of your stay. Every request is fulfilled and nothing needs to be asked for twice. This is the superior treatment guests can expect from luxury Resorts .The breakfast buffet in The Cafe - with a beautiful setting beside the lawn - offers a suitably impressive start to the day.

Luxury resorts in Uttarakhand Staff is awesome. They really are concentrated on delivering best service. Very friendly and accommodating.

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